Resident Physician of the Month

All PGY 5s in Diagnostic Radiology/Nuclear Medicine: Dr. Hector Aguilar, Dr. Ankur Goel, Dr. Stephane Doucette-Preville, Dr. Chris McIntosh, Dr. Medica Sam, Dr. Rohan Parab & Dr. Darshan Patel
PGY 5, Diagnostic Radiology/Nuclear Medicine
University of Alberta

We are the newly minted Diagnostic Radiology PGY5 residents for the current year, commonly referred to in our department as “SCHRAMD”. We normally don’t do interviews, but decided to let PARA have this exclusive story. Peter Mansbridge will be here shortly, right? Ok. Let’s get started.

We are a diverse group hailing from regions around the globe including Cambodia, India, South Africa, El Salvador and Canada. We completed medical school at the University of Alberta, University of Calgary and Memorial University.  Despite our differences, we share many common goals. These include making changes to improve teaching, boosting residents’ morale and injecting a touch of colourful humor.

Why radiology? Individual responses would simply exceed our allowed words quota.  Collectively, the integration of anatomy and pathology, guiding patient management, making critical diagnosis and working with the latest technology are a few of the reasons. Besides telling clinicians to clinically correlate, we do have a few other interests. These include biking, sun tanning, doing our hair, computer programming, golfing, travelling and enjoying a beer/beers on the patio.

The next twelve months will no doubt bring many challenges as we prepare to face the Royal College exam. We will tackle the obstacles as a team, as colleagues and more importantly as friends. We’re also very fortunate to have great mentors, supportive co-residents and spouses. Thank you for the acknowledgment!

A colleague had this to say about “SCHRAMD”:

“Over the summer, we have two months of “Senior-Junior rounds” where the PGY 4s and PGY 5s transition the PGY 2s into radiology after finishing their intern (off-service) year.

“SCHRAMD” took it upon themselves to restructure the entire two months into an “Intro to Radiology” course where they systematically covered topics that junior residents commonly see on their early rotations and while on call. In order to achieve this, they literally had to script a software that would mass search our Picture Archiving and Communication System. This helped early residents digest the content in a more meaningful way. In addition, their cohort had to download these cases into a powerpoint format so that they could be used as interactive cases on rounds in combination with the teaching points. The entire process undoubtedly took multiple hours for each individual lecture (of which they made nearly two months worth of content).

Having had the opportunity to see how these two months had been presented prior to this project and compared that to how they were presented now, I am blown away with how systematic and well presented this two month course was. This group of residents put in countless hours into developing and preparing this course (including literally scripting the software to begin the process) in order to teach their colleagues (there was no benefit to them). 

Congratulations Dr. Hector Aguilar, Dr. Ankur Goel, Dr. Stephane Doucette-Preville, Dr. Chris McIntosh, Dr. Medica Sam, Dr. Rohan Parab & Dr. Darshan Patel!

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