Resident Physician of the Month

As the 2016-2017 academic year wraps up, we are pleased to honour two resident physicians who will be completing residency at the end of June.


Dr. Launny Lowden
PGY 5, General Pathology
University of Calgary

I completed medical school at the University of Victoria in UBC’s Island Medical Program. Starting this summer, I will be working as a General Pathologist in my hometown of Cranbrook, B.C., where I enjoy hiking, horseback riding, rock climbing, swimming and all of the fun that the Rocky Mountains have to offer. I love Disney music and animals and will be trying my hand at organic farming alongside my husband Jake.

A colleague had this to say about Dr. Launny Lowden:

“Launny exemplifies all of the qualities an extraordinary resident physician should have. She was the first medical student to match to our program when it was first established through CaRMS and she has played a significant role in the program’s development and current successes. Her contributions to our database of learning and teaching materials are invaluable. As an example, during her senior year, Launny volunteered to create a series of lectures and practice exams compiling most of the hematopathology material we need to know for our residency training. Because of her hard work, as a junior resident physician I feel much more confident going into my clinical pathology rotations and know that I will be able to get much more out of them with this background.

Besides academics, Launny is also strongly involved in promoting resident physician wellness and team-building. She has organized numerous social activities for our resident physician group. At the national level, Launny has played a lead role in re-establishing both the Residents Section and the General Pathology Section of the Canadian Association of Pathologists. These are just some of the amazing things Launny has done, which make her the ideal candidate for the PARA Resident Physician of the Month.

Dr. Marcie Veitch
PGY 3, Family Medicine and Enhanced Skills: Emergency Medicine
University of Calgary

Originally from Windsor, ON, I travelled to Coastal Carolina University in South Carolina for my undergrad and completed a Biology degree while pole vaulting for the track team. I then headed north to Ottawa for medical school. For the past three years, I’ve been in Calgary completing my Family Medicine and Enhanced Skills Year in Emergency Medicine residencies. My hobbies include running, skiing and attending concerts.


A colleague had this to say about Dr. Marcie Veitch:

“Marcie is a fantastic physician, leader, role-model and friend. As co-chief, she works hard to ensure that our cohort extracts the maximum benefit from our jam-packed and sometimes overwhelming fellowship year, while keeping her finger on the pulse of resident physician wellbeing. Drawing on her background as a varsity pole vaulter, Marcie is always looking out for her team; she has been instrumental in recording and sharing key learning points from our simulation program, advocating for our cohort on the residency training committee, and keeping us on track with key tasks during our transition to practice. Marcie also infuses fun and humour into her leadership role, with lighthearted “Chiefs’ Briefs” email updates and hilarious mock newsletters documenting our successes and milestones. In her personal life, Marcie maintains balance by consciously “unplugging” to take time with family and friends, travel and sports such as skiing.

On a personal note, Marcie is always available as a sounding board and provides great advice and encouragement when difficulties or self-doubt arise. She is an incredible co-chief resident physician and this year wouldn’t have been nearly as smooth or enjoyable without her. I look forward to being colleagues and friends as we transition into staff life.”

Congratulations Dr. Launny Lowden and Dr. Marcie Veitch!

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