Clinical Teaching Award Winners


The 2018-2019 Clinical Teaching Award winners are as follows:

Dr. Sarah Feaver, Preceptor (rural)
Dr. Omar Shuja ud Din, Psychiatrist (Edmonton)
Dr. Carolin Teman, Anatomic Pathologist and Hematopathologist (Calgary)

Honourable Mentions to:
Dr. Lynn Robertson, Program Director (Calgary)
Dr. Thilinie Rajapakse, Assistant Professor (Edmonton)
Dr. Adriana Lazarescu, Associate Professor (Edmonton)

The 2017-2018 Clinical Teaching Award winners are as follows:

Dr. Ken Joffe, Psychiatrist (Edmonton)
Dr. Rahim Kachra, Clinical Lecturer (Calgary)
Dr. Luke Savage, Family Physician (rural)

Honourable Mentions to:
Dr. Christopher Hanson, Ophthalmology (Calgary)
Dr. Jori Hardin, Staff Dermatologist (Calgary)
Dr. Robertson Harrop, Surgeon, Section Chief (Calgary)
Dr. Jan-Willem Henning (Calgary)
Dr. Ian Le, Foot & Ankle-Trauma Surgeon (Calgary)
Dr. Jonah Mizzau, Internal Medicine Preceptor (rural)
Dr. Chantal Moreau, Psychiatry (Edmonton)
Dr. Paula Pearce, Geriatric Medicine (Calgary)
Dr. Ron Shute, Family Medicine Faculty Advisor (Edmonton)
Dr. Michelle Suri, Physician, Clinical Assistant Professor (Calgary)
Dr. Jennifer Swainsom, Assistant Clinical Professor (Edmonton)
Dr. Roman Tulis, Associate Professor (Edmonton)
Dr. Michael Yeung, Program Director (Calgary)

The 2016 – 2017 Clinical Teaching Award winners are as follows:

Dr. Karen King, Oncology (Edmonton)
Dr. Gilles Lauzon, Dermatology (Calgary)
Dr. Ryan McColl, General Surgery (Red Deer)

Honourable Mentions to:
Dr. Brock Debenham, Radiation Oncology (Edmonton)
Dr. Alexander Doroshenko, Preventive Medicine (Edmonton)
Dr. Robin Eccles, Pediatric General Surgery (Calgary)
Dr. Chris Keeling, Dermatology (Edmonton)
Dr. Sudha Koppula, Family Medicine (Edmonton)
Dr. Artan Reso, General Surgery (Calgary)
Dr. Mary Ann Thomas, Medical Genetics (Calgary)

The 2015 – 2016 Clinical Teaching Award winners are as follows:

Dr. Duane Barber, Dermatopathology (Calgary)
Dr. Sameer Chhibber, Neurology (Calgary)
Dr. John Pasternak, Rural Family Medicine (Medicine Hat)
Dr. Dylan Taylor, Cardiology (Edmonton)

Honourable Mentions to:
Dr. Richard Camicioli, Neurology (Edmonton)
Dr. Manuel Mah, Infectious Disease (Calgary)
Dr. Artan Reso, General Surgery (Calgary)

The 2014 – 2015 Clinical Teaching Award winners are as follows:

Dr. Richard Haber, Dermatology (Calgary)
Dr. Colleen Sokolowski, Critical Care (Red Deer)
Dr. Lyn Sonnenberg, Development Pediatrics (Edmonton)

Honourable Mentions to:
Dr. Karen Forbes, Pediatrics (Edmonton)
Dr. John Heine, General Surgery (Calgary)
Dr. Jennifer Ringrose, General Internal Medicine (Edmonton)
Dr. Greg Smith, Rural Family Medicine (Raymond)

PARA has awarded the Clinical Teaching Award annually since 2007. For the list of winners prior to 2014, please contact the PARA office.


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