COVID-19 Updates

We know that the rapidly evolving situation around COVID-19 (coronavirus) continues to be concerning and stressful for resident physicians. PARA is committed to supporting you and helping to keep you updated during this challenging time. To help keep you updated, we have created a dedicated page on our website to share all information that PARA is receiving related to COVID-19 and resident physicians. As new information is received, this page will be updated.

To do our part to keep Albertans safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, PARA staff are working remotely until further notice. If you need assistance, we are still available via phone and email during normal business hours. You can view our contact details here.

Self Care

U of A and U of C medical and nursing students have set up a volunteer initiative to assist healthcare workers with life tasks outside the wards including childcare/babysitting, grocery runs, pharmacy runs, pet care, general errands, etc. 
  • Deals for Alberta resident physicians (curated by two U of C resident physicians)

Partner Updates (AHS, RDoC, U of A & U of C PGME)


Apply for funding for resident physician-led initiatives that promote wellness within PARA’s membership.


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