Faces of Residency

These profiles are intended to encourage resident physicians to learn about other specialties, aid medical students with their career decision-making process and help interested members of the public understand more about resident physicians.

If you would like your profile to be featured, please fill out this form and email it to Kiersten Doblanko.

Dr. Ashley DiPasquale
General Surgery

Dr. Tamara Gimon
General Surgery

Dr. Olivia Guerra

Dr. Divya Karsanji
Internal Medicine

Dr. Shehzad Kassam
Public Health and Preventive Medicine (with Family Medicine)

Dr. Alexis Katzell
Family Medicine

Dr. Mo Yu Lanny li
General Surgery

Dr. Guillaume Leclair
Pediatric Cardiology

Dr. Jacqueline Luhoway
Family Medicine

Dr. Erin Martin
General Surgery

Dr. Kwadwo Mponponsuo
Internal Medicine

Dr. Eliza Phillips
Medical Genetics and Genomics

Dr. Franco Rizzuti
Public Health and Preventive Medicine

Dr. Nazia Sharfuddin
Internal Medicine


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