Faces of Residency

These profiles are intended to encourage resident physicians to learn about other specialties, aid medical students with their career decision-making process and help interested members of the public understand more about resident physicians.

If you would like your profile to be featured, please fill out this form and email it to para@para-ab.ca.

Dr. Joy Adekanmbi
General Pathology

Dr. Charlene Dinakaran
Family Medicine

Dr. Chris Beavington
Family Medicine

Dr. Ashley DiPasquale
General Surgery

Dr. Kiran Dhillon
Family Medicine

Dr. Victor Dong

Dr. Adele Duimering
Radiation Oncology

Dr. Mim Fatmi

Dr. Tamara Gimon
General Surgery

Dr. Cian Hackett
Rural Family Medicine

Dr. Rebecca Hartley
Plastic Surgery

Dr. Sarah Jo
Rural Family Medicine

Dr. Chris Koo
Family Medicine

Dr. Hilary Kornder
Family Medicine

Dr. Mo Yu Lanny li
General Surgery

Dr. Mark Lipson
General Surgery

Dr. Erin Martin
General Surgery

Dr. Kwadwo Mponponsuo
Internal Medicine

Dr. Monique Munro

Dr. Dana Rich
Family Medicine

Dr. Shannon Ruzycki
Internal Medicine

Dr. Gaganjot Sandhu
Family Medicine

Dr. Nabeela Nathoo

Dr. Franco Rizzuti
Public Health & Preventative Medicine (PHPM)


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