PARA Assembly

The PARA Assembly is comprised of the Executive Board and two regional Councils: Calgary & Southern Alberta Council and Edmonton & Northern Alberta Council.

The PARA Assembly sets the strategic direction of the Association and is responsible for ensuring that the interests of all PARA Members are represented. Through their work on the Assembly, resident physicians access opportunities to fulfill a number of CanMEDS roles:

  • develop their leadership skills
  • liaise with health and medical education stakeholders
  • represent Alberta‚Äôs resident physicians at the regional, provincial and national levels

Each Council is comprised of twenty (20) delegates from the region, separated into two sets: Program Liaisons and Members at Large. To foster continuity on the PARA Assembly, Program Liaisons have the opportunity to extend their term for one year.

2017-2018 Assembly


Question: What are the barriers to resident physician wellness in Alberta and how can PARA address them? Solution: That's up to you!


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