PARAdime Campaign

The 2018-2019 PARAdime campaign has now ended. Thank you to everyone who participated!

What is PARAdime?
The PARAdime Campaign is an annual resident physician-driven initiative that provides support to some of Alberta’s most vulnerable citizens. PARAdime is now in its tenth year.

Collection bins are set up in hospitals across Alberta, allowing resident physicians to drop off donations of gently used clothing and other items most needed by partner agencies. At the end of the campaign, resident physicians deliver the donations to local shelters and agencies working with Alberta’s most vulnerable.

What is the goal of PARAdime?
PARAdime is an opportunity to increase resident physician awareness of the challenges faced by some of their neighbours. It is also an opportunity to engage those who work with resident physicians as part of the interdisciplinary teams providing patient care – in providing basic necessities that will improve the health of some of those at risk.

The PARAdime Campaign encourages resident physicians to help keep their community healthy by providing basic necessities; recognizing that improving the health of some of the most vulnerable will help relieve some of the pressure on a stressed health care system.

Why is PARAdime important?
Alberta’s Resident Physicians are front-line health care providers, experiencing first-hand the challenges of providing patient care to Albertans in today’s health care system. Resident physicians believe preventative health care plays an essential role in improving health care delivery in Alberta.

Community wellness initiatives such as PARAdime help establish positive and mutually-beneficial relationships between health care workers and vulnerable populations, ultimately helping to support the health and well-being of all Albertans.


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