Resident Physician of the Month

The Resident Physician of the Month Award is meant to recognize and reward outstanding resident physicians who make exceptional contributions in their academic field while still maintaining their work/life balance.

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September 2019
Dr. Jon Bourget-Murray
Orthopaedic Surgery
University of Calgary

Few moments can compete with the excitement I experienced when I matched to the University of Calgary in Orthopaedic Surgery. I knew I was in for a formidable adventure – and I was enthusiastic! The 3.5 day long trip from Montreal to Calgary certainly set the tone for a surgical residency – long gruelling hours; medicating fatigue with Redbull.

When I’m not at the hospital or catching up on sleep, I’ll often be splitting my time between friends, discovering a new brewery and getting ahead on research (yes, sadly).

After residency, I’m excited to have been accepted to a fellowship in orthopaedic trauma at the John Radcliffe Hospital at Oxford University, UK. Following this, I will be going to Ottawa for a fellowship in hip preservation and arthroplasty. Like most other orthopaedic surgery graduates, I do my best to secure a job afterwards…

I still have to pinch myself some days; being given the opportunity to do what I do, day-in and day-out. I must thank many friends who have challenged me along the way, the mentors who believed in my scattered thoughts throughout my education and surgical training and my staggered fortitude…

Thank you to those who have nominated me for this recognition!

 Colleagues had this to say about Dr. Bourget-Murray:

“Jon Bourget-Murray is an emphatic spirit who genuinely exemplifies the criteria for Resident Physician of the Month.

I first met Jon during the first session of our Principles of Surgery course. Jon, who was full of humour and joviality, broke the ice with his wit and charm. Ever since, he’s been a force in uniting his peers for studying, manuscript writing, barbecues, sport-watching and amicable discourse. Jon always finds a way to bring together the busiest, stressed-out resident physicians to remind them to not take themselves too seriously and create a space ouside of the hospital.

Jon is accomplished beyond his time in medicine. Already with 16 academic publications and five in progress, Jon is decorated with grants, awards and podium presentations. He has already been selected for an Orthopaedic Trauma Fellowship at Oxford in 2020. Jon has been instrumental in medical student and surgical resident physician education as a lecturer, leading small groups, instructing ATLS and revamping the Surgical Foundations Program.

Perhaps Jon’s most inspirational work has been in his global health work. Jon has completed multiple missions to Ecuador operating on both children and adults with acetabular dysplasia. This life changing work is inspirational to any of us who have heard stories of the impact that these missions have.”

Congratulations Dr. Jon Bourget-Murray!


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