Resident Physician of the Month

The Resident Physician of the Month Award is meant to recognize and reward outstanding resident physicians who make exceptional contributions in their academic field while still maintaining their work/life balance.

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January 2019

Dr. Fareed Kamar
University of Calgary 

A lifelong, proud Calgarian, I have had the good fortune of undertaking all of my schooling and post-graduate training in Calgary. My passion for clinical medicine has taken me to my final year of residency in nephrology and I look forward to a career where I can continue to work closely with resident physicians as a teacher and mentor. When I am not on-call, I am probably playing soccer.

Though residency is hard and stressful, the journey is always worthwhile. Don’t underestimate yourself – your patients, preceptors, co-resident physicians and clinical clerks count on you every day. Throughout residency, my advice to you is to nurture your relationships with family and friends and to rely on senior resident physicians and faculty mentors for guidance.

 A colleague had this to say about Dr. Fareed Kamar:

“Fareed is an exceptional resident physician. As a scholar, not only is he an exceptional teacher who has won numerous teaching awards at the post-graduate and undergraduate level, he also has numerous publications in the fields of Nephrology. Moreover, he is a director of the Open Arms Advocacy group that advocates for our patients. Fareed does all this always with a smile and is a colleague that you can approach anywhere – ranging from the hospital to the soccer field.”

 Congratulations Dr. Fareed Kamar!


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