Resident Physician of the Month

The Resident Physician of the Month Award is meant to recognize and reward outstanding resident physicians who make exceptional contributions in their academic field while still maintaining their work/life balance.

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Dr. Kelvin Au
Adult Neurology
University of Calgary 

I was born and raised in Winnipeg, MB. I completed my undergraduate science degree and medical school at the University of Manitoba before moving to Calgary for my Adult Neurology Residency. Next year I will be pursuing a Movement Disorders fellowship at the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL.

Outside of medicine, I enjoy hiking, swimming and tennis. I’ve recently picked up an interest in bouldering with my wife and a few friends. I also enjoy learning phrases in Lao so I can communicate with my wife’s grandmother.

I am honoured to receive the PARA resident physician of the month award. I am truly fortunate to be surrounded by excellent co-resident physicians in my program and to have the opportunity to work with many great mentors; all who have helped shaped who I am today. I also would not be where I am without the unending support of my wife and family.

Colleagues had this to say about Dr. Kelvin Au:

“It is my pleasure to nominate Kelvin for the PARA Resident Physician of the Month Award. Kelvin is as kind and compassionate of a co-resident physician, as he is a physician. He is hard-working and diligent, while always looking out for his colleagues. When something is needed for our program, he is always among the first to volunteer to help in any way necessary. Furthermore, he is always the first to congratulate or thank someone else for their contribution. In fact, I can bet that every member of our residency program has at least 10 emails from him over the years, thanking them for volunteering to swap call, organizing an extra-curricular event, leading a teaching session, cleaning the resident physician room, etc. Not only is Kelvin a thoughtful colleague, but he is also very accomplished with respect to his own career. He is currently in his fifth year of residency, and looking forward to completing a highly prestigious fellowship in movement disorders at the University of Florida. We wish him all the best, but are sad to be seeing him go! Kelvin is an exceptional physician and friend, and very deserving of this award. Thank you for your consideration.”

I have had the pleasure of having Dr. Kelvin Au as my senior resident physician throughout the entirety of my residency training thus far. He is truly deserving of nomination for the PARA Resident Physician of the Month award. I’m sure that I am not alone when I say that Kelvin acts as an exceptional mentor, leader, and teacher. He has always been very approachable and made the difficulties early on as a junior resident much more manageable. As he embraced the role of Chief resident in the prior year, he certainly exemplified how to be a leader and ensured there were plenty of opportunities for teaching around cases. He was also quite conscientious of making sure that his team was always optimally caffeinated to conquer the work day.

 Congratulations Dr. Kelvin Au!


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