Resident Physicians of the Month

July 2018
Dr. Sara Horne
PGY 5, Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine
University of Alberta

After completing my Bachelor of Science in Microbiology at the University of Victoria, I moved to Edmonton for medical school and was fortunate enough to match at the University of Alberta for residency. I have developed an interest in pediatric anesthesia and am currently applying to fellowships for that sub specialty.

I was raised in Canmore and Calgary, and because of this have always loved the mountains and outdoor activities. Growing up I was an avid snowboarder but after living in Edmonton for the past 8 years I am more of a weekend warrior these days. I also enjoy yoga, biking, cooking, and travelling with my amazing husband. Thank you so much for this award!

Colleagues had the following to say about Dr. Sara Horne:

“Smart, conscientious resident physician. Sits on RTC committee and has successfully pushed for positive change in our residency program including pushing for and organizing a great summer lecture series. Well rounded with interests that go beyond the hospital doors, great on the slopes and apparently not bad on the dance floor, taking lessons with her fiancé for her upcoming wedding. She’ll be a great chief resident!”

“As one of our 4th year resident physicians Sara took huge initiative and went above and beyond this past summer organizing a comprehensive academic half-day program for our resident physicians. As our incoming co-chief resident she’s already begun to organize the anesthesia department’s involvement with a charitable organization prior to the Christmas holidays. She is always on time for work and superbly prepared whether for clinical or academic days and someone I would suggest junior resident physicians look to as a role model.”

“Throughout her residency, Sara has been an exceptional co-resident physician. She goes above and beyond to make our program better, voluntarily taking on extra roles as coordinating summer half day, at no benefit to herself. She is an upbeat and positive person, and motivates her fellow resident physicians. Furthermore she is academically excellent, caring and a lovely person. I would love to see her receive ‘Resident Physician of the Month’ as she certainly deserves it.”

“Sara is a powerhouse within our residency program. Since she entered the program she’s been very involved with all aspects. She’s been a representative on our residency planning committee, has spearheaded a woman in anesthesia initiative for female resident physicians and female staff people, she’s most recently been selected as co-chief resident physician for the 2018 calendar year by her fellow resident physicians, as well as being an exemplary clinical teacher for junior resident physicians who are lucky to have her as a senior resident physician on off service rotations. We are tremendously lucky to have someone like Sara in our program.”

“Phenomenal co-resident physician that is extremely deserving of this award. Has gone the extra mile to improve and organize extra certifications (e.g. PALS, BLS) for our entire resident physician body. Sara is a true leader in anesthesia and I know she takes initiative towards teaching and patient care to all other areas of the hospital she works in.”

Congratulations Dr. Sara Horne!


July 2018
Dr. Danielle Dumestre
PGY 5, Plastic Surgery
University of Calgary  

I’m from Calgary, and have done all my training at U of C with the exception of a one year exchange in undergrad where I went to Madrid!  I love any and all activities, particularly hot yoga and biking.  I’m on my way to Dallas for a one-year microsurgery fellowship and am super excited to soak in the warm weather and eat (all the seafood).

 A colleague had this to say about Dr. Danielle Dumestre:

“Danielle has always been one of my favourite senior residents to work with. Her approach to medicine and life in general is one that I aspire to adopt in my residency. It is filled with optimism and positivity and it is hard not to have fun and enjoy the day when you are working with her. Her kind and sweet demeanour is evident in the way she is with her family and friends and it overflows to her colleagues, patients and allied health professionals. She has also published several papers while in residency and has researched topics in the realm of enhanced recovery after surgery as well as confidential patient photography. She loves being outside and being active and she has a great love of music – ultimately she ended up marrying one of Calgary’s hidden treasures in the hip-hop world. Danielle is very much going to be missed, whether in the operating room, the wards, in research day, in conferences or being part of several resident activities that she often helps being the lead of. We wish her all the luck as she pursues a fellowship in microsurgery in Texas!”

 Congratulations Dr. Danielle Dumestre!

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