Resident Physician of the Month

The Resident Physician of the Month Award is meant to recognize and reward outstanding resident physicians who make exceptional contributions in their academic field while still maintaining their work/life balance.

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January 2020
Dr. Elizabeth Clement
General Surgery
University of Alberta

Growing up on a farm in rural Alberta, I learned at very early age that I had a deep-seated need to work with people. After grad school, I stumbled into a political gig at the Alberta Legislature, where my time was spent counselling and speech writing for Alberta’s political leaders at that time. Ironically, this was a concrete step toward medicine and after completing medical school at Queen’s University, I couldn’t wait to come back home for a residency in general surgery.

Now, as a PGY 4, I look forward to every day’s work: from having the chance to see patients at their most vulnerable and getting my hands on surgical tools to leading a team of diverse learners, I find it hard to imagine a more satisfying career path.

When outside of the hospital, I enjoy running and spending time with my husband and stepdaughters. I typically also find a glass of wine pleasurable, however, I’m on a 9-month hiatus while our family eagerly anticipates the arrival of a fifth member in February!

 Colleagues had this to say about Dr. Clement:

I have known Dr. Clement since we volunteered together during our undergraduate degrees at the University of Alberta in the early 2000s. More recently, I have worked closely with Dr. Clement as the former chair of the Resident Doctors of Canada Resiliency committee (RDoC). She was one of our most active committee members in 2017-2018, taking a lead on the research and development project team. She also helped to develop a research proposal looking at systemic barriers to wellness which is being submitted for publication. Since that time she has continued to participate in RDoC wellness projects/research and frequently acts as a resiliency trainer throughout Canada. Given the long hours worked by surgery residents, it is impressive how dedicated she has been to acting as a national leader in resident wellness.

Her work on wellness has also included research she has done in residency looking at the effect of a mindfulness intervention for patients admitted with multisystem trauma. She won a Humanism and Excellence in Teaching award which was nominated by medical students at the University of Alberta and was nominated for the Marnie Hinton Award for Resident Physician Health by a general surgery staff physician.

Dr. Clement is extremely hard working, thoughtful and is an advocate, supporting her fellow residents across Canada to promote improved wellness. Dr. Clement is deserving of this award, not only for the countless hours she has devoted to improving wellness within the medical learning space, but also because she is a role model who continues the conversation on wellness and is shifting culture in a positive way.”

Congratulations Dr. Elizabeth Clement!


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