Resident Physician Wellness Month

Resident Physician Wellness Month (RWM) encourages resident physician wellness and recognizes resident physicians for the work they do.

PARA celebrates RWM in May, with resident physician-related events and initiatives.

Finding Wellness Photo Contest

In support of resident physician well-being and work/life balance, PARA runs a Finding Wellness Photo Contest each April/May. Resident Physicians are encouraged to submit photos of themselves engaged in a wellness activity.

Below are the 2017 photo submissions:

Dr. Julie Bowen enjoys Alberta’s beautiful scenery during a day hike up Prairie Mountain.
Dr. Cynthia Gunaratnam and her parents take in the view at Irving Nature Park in Saint John, NB.
Dr. Melissa Hwang and fellow colleagues enjoy an afternoon off with ice cream!
During the 2017 MAZ Spin-A-Thon, Dr. Evan Martow and his team dressed up as representations of cardiology trials. Can you guess which one he’s representing? Hint: it rhymes with Aristotle. 🙂
Dr. Austin Pak To Ho experienced Patagonia to the fullest on his recent trekking trip.
“Taking time to buy a bouquet of flowers was a nice break from studying for exams!” – Dr. Rieza Zara
Dr. Gil Eamer and his son spent last Thanksgiving enjoying the view.
Dr. Rachel Han channels her inner chef at a cooking class in Thailand!
“I try to not let the weather stop me from doing what I love – running!” – Dr. Melissa Lacoursiere
Dr. Teghan Masyk-Neumeier enjoying the slopes at Marmot Basin!
Dr. James Pierce takes in the view from the peak of Marmot Basin – submitted by Dr. David Plemel.
Big smiles for Dr. Mim Fatmi and friends.
Dr. Arsalan Hassan shows how with water, flour, yeast and time, you get beautiful loaves of bread.
Dr. Benny Lee shows off some serious LEGO building skills.
“Taking a family of five selfie is no small feat; we were warming up in the Africa pavilion at the Calgary Zoo on Family Day.” – Dr. Corinne McDonald
“Dr. Anthony Wilmot catches a moment of family time during a 24-hour call shift with his wife and two girls. They were having a picnic dinner on the floor of the call room and I thought that this moment captured finding wellness while balancing long work hours.” – Dr. Greg Sawisky
“I started CrossFit last October and the gym has become my second family. It has truly helped my transition to both residency and Edmonton; I don’t think I would be as strong mentally or physically if it weren’t for this!” – Dr. Michele Foster
Dr. Dylan Hoare enjoys the crisp mountain air and powdery slopes.
Dr. Laura Lu and her family playing the board game Agricola.
Dr. Jessica Monteiro escaping to the beach with her best friends from med school.
Fishing pole + skates + frozen lake = a relaxing day for Dr. Aaron Trachtenberg


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